Friday, February 26, 2010

Oiling Hairs Excessively May Result in Hair Loss

Oiling hairs, in general, is considered as good habit. It is known to promote the hair growth. But, as per the research study published recently in the International Journal of Hair Research, has pointed out that oiling hairs excessively leads to the hair loss. As per their study they concluded that daily oiling the hairs is not at all good for the hair health, in fact it retards the hair growth and cause the hair loss. The usage of the oil in excessive is considered only when a person applies the oil daily or sometimes twice in a day.

When the oil is applied daily on the hairs, it reaches deep inside to roots of the hairs. It gets filled in the veins and arteries that supply nutrients to the hairs. In fact blocks the nutrients way to the hairs. As a result the hairs don’t get the enough amount of food. Primarily you will notice the graying of the hairs due to this. Then in few days you will notice that your hairs start removing while you comb them. This happens as the hairs are weak. Finally you will notice that your hairs are falling substantially.

Hair oiling is good for the hairs but only when done in a limited amount. It would be better if you oil the hairs only twice or thrice in a week as it would be very helpful for the hair nutrition. Excessive nutrition is even not good for the health. So, please don’t oil the hairs daily. Some people may say that this will keep their hairs dry and they would not be able to comb them. For this I would suggest using natural conditioner of gel, but don’t use it regularly. I think the best would be to use oil, gel, and conditioner on alternate days.

Other drawback of applying oil daily on hairs is when you go out all the dust particles get stick to the hairs. The dust particles gets inside the pores present on the hairs and damages the supply of the nutrients to the hair parts. This way breaking of the hairs is noted as nutrition doesn’t reach the hairs in adequate amount to all parts. Later on, even the hairs grip over the head region starts getting loose, which ultimately causes hair loss. If you don’t take the adequate precautions to prevent this hair loss, then it may result into baldness.

When it comes to oiling there are variety of the brands and types of hair oil, which one to use would be really confusing? In this case you must first understand that what is your hair type and then use the hair oil accordingly. Getting the advice from the Trichologist (hair expert) can be helpful in this case as he may be able to study your hair type properly. You can either opt for the almond, coconut, or henna oil, whichever suits you the best or you can use these oils alternatively in the weeks. But, whatever may be the reason don’t oil the hairs more than four times in a week because this may lead to its ill effects. So, make it point to use hair oil in limit and never use it in excess.