Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hottest hairstyles for men

Most men like their hair short while some like it long and silky. Men too have plenty of hair choices like their female counterparts. A hair style depends on your lifestyle, profession, personality and your hair texture. Most styles are short and easy to maintain. Let’s look at the trendy five hair styles for men.

Straight hair

Long, straight hair is a secret desire of every man. One must grow the hair till shoulder length and then go for re-bonding to get the straight look. Hair styling products and gels can also get you the smooth, long look or a visit to the salon can also get you your desired straight style.

Spiked hair

This looks cool and trendy. They are great for short hair. It takes a few seconds to get the spiked look. Young men and teenagers look good in this style. All you have to do is spread a good quality medium strength hair gel onto your palm and rub your hands together and apply it. Work on the hair as you would want the spikes to be.


The ponytail look is a popular look made famous mainly in movies. A well-set hair with gel with a small ponytail at the back is a famous style which makes the person look smart and manly. Bearing a ponytail is in fashion presently.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a short style and has a neat, military look about it. It is also very easy to carry and maintain. Crew cuts look cute on guys who have oval-shaped faces. Crew cut is great for professionals and sportsmen alike and if time is short in your hand, this is the best choice.


Bangs are fashionable and mainly for the younger generation. Older men sport this style to reduce the older look. Bangs are the style where the hair falls on to the forehead. They make you look young and fashionable too. Haircuts with bangs never go out of fashion.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Top 10 Hair Care Tips for Men

Every man desires to look great and hair plays an important role in shaping the overall personality and appearance of an individual. Still, more often than not we tend to forget to take good care of them. Its only when we notice thinning of hair, does the alarm ring. Maintaining your hair is the most important task that you should pay attention to. The pillar of good hair is its strength and you can keep its strength intact by maintaining it properly. To repair the damaged hair, begin by trimming the damaged length of hair and let it regrow. Through a number of natural ways you can plump up your thinning hair sans resorting to complex ways like hair transplant or chemical treatments.

Top 10 hair care tips for men

Listed below are top 10 hair care tips for men:

1. Keep your scalp clean:

This is the most basic and essential tip to get healthy hair. Shine is one of the parameter to judge how healthy your hair is. The more the scalp is clean the better the shine will be in your hair. To keep your scalp clean, rinse it regularly and exfoliate it once in a week.

2. Say ‘no’ to tight caps:

Wearing tight caps or tying tight ponytails, both have a negative affect on your hair. People wearing tight hats for extended periods of time are seen to lose hair. Tight caps or ponytails suffocates the hair and can lead to ‘traction alopecia’ that is a condition where the hair is pulled off the scalp automatically.

3. Trim your hair regularly:

The only way to get rid of damaged hair is to trim out the damaged portion. Trimming your hair on a regular basis will help you eliminate split ends, which is one of the biggest problems experienced by most of the men. If you are contemplating to increase the length of your hair, it is still advisable to trim your hair once in six weeks so that you can maintain a distance from split ends.

4. Say ‘no’ to towel drying

You cannot do anything worst than this to your hair as they are most vulnerable to damage when wet. Drying your wet hair with towel might entangle your hair to the threads of your towel thereby stretching hair to an extent where they might just break off. Pat drying your hair with towel when they are wet damages the cuticle, causes split ends and makes your hair frizzy. Blow drying your hair also damages them.

5. Do not use chemical treatments

Style in today’s age is all about coloring and perming your hair. These styling techniques can actually damage your hair making them look dull and dry. However, when done under the guidance of an expert they can make you look trendy. So take help of an experienced hair stylist and avoid coloring your hair at home with chemical products that are easily available in the market. A good stylist is aware of the best products that can suit your hair type.

6. Keep away from hot water

Washing your hair in very hot water may burn your hair and damage your scalp. It may also wash away all the essential oils thereby causing dryness. Hence, it is advisable to wash your hair in cold water or lukewarm water.

7. Stay healthy

Your hair is a mirror to your overall health. Whatever you eat whether nutritious or junk food reflects in your hair, hence incorporate healthy food in your diet. Besides, follow a regular exercise regime, drink lots of water, have enough sleep and stay away from stress, if you want healthy, shiny hair.

8. Select good quality shampoo

You hair can get proper conditioning, cleansing, moisture and elasticity, if you use a good shampoo and a conditioner.

9. Lessen frizz

Make use of a good moisturizing conditioner to reduce frizz. You can apply a slick and smooth serum to add shine to your hair and render them a smooth appearance.

10. Make use of right tools:

Always brush your wet hair with a wide-toothed comb. Also, gently and slowly brush while working on the tangled hair. Do not make use of tools like irons or blow dryers to dry your hair as they can damage your hair.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Soy Milk and Hair Loss

Hair loss has been haunting people since centuries and many individuals have tried infinite ways to grow their hair back. One such method that was found to actually slow down the process of hair loss was linked to the consumption of soy milk. It is a common knowledge that soy milk is very nutritive and should be consumed to fulfill the demand of proteins and vitamins in the body. A new research printed in the journal Biology of Reproduction reveals that soy milk consumption can reduce hair loss as well as male pattern baldness. Nutritionists across the globe are suggesting individuals to drink soy milk or consume soy products to treat various diseases and for overall wellness. Soy products are deemed as a nutritional gold mine.

How it works?

When we drink soy milk our body breaks down isoflavones and a compound equol is developed. This compound blocks a form of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is related to baldness and prostrate cancer. Soy milk works just like a hair loss drug called Propecia that blocks the transition of testosterone into DHT. Based on a research finding, it was concluded that soy milk actually works better as compared to a selection of prescription medicines available in the market.

Consuming soy milk to reduce hair loss is an inexpensive way to treat the issue as opposed to taking prescription drugs for the same. Moreover, soy milk offers other health benefits to the body which prescription drugs would obviously not furnish. Regular drinkers of soy milk are prevented from premature ageing problem, eventually safeguarding the individual from hair loss occurring due to accelerated aging process.


Soy milk might have the potential to stop hair loss, but likewise there are also other things that can contribute towards preventing hair loss. As mentioned above premature aging is also one of the reasons for hair loss. What causes premature aging? Our eating habits, certain metabolic disruptors present in foods leads to accelerated aging process. For example, chemical ingredients such as sodium nitrite, white flour, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, MSG and aspartame act as slow poisons to the human body. You can act wise and incorporate certain positive changes to your diet plan to prevent hair loss. Make a constant effort to incorporate healthy whole foods in your diet and ward off consumption of junk foods.


There are several health benefits of adding soy milk to your diet. This includes prevention against breast cancer and prostrate cancer, fighting diabetes, heart disease, kidney disorder and osteoporosis. Soy milk is also seen to ease symptoms linked to menopause, besides its consumption also promotes good eye health.

Having said this, it is important for you to understand that no every person experiencing hair loss will gain from consuming soy milk or other soy products. A study published in the Ob/Gyn Clinical Alert highlighted that a mere 30% of individuals were able to produce the compound equol in their intestines. However, you should not get discouraged by this fact. It will not hamper your health if you increase your consumption of soy milk. Few studies say that consumption of soy may help you in fighting hair loss and this must be a good enough motivation for you to start taking soy milk especially if you are noticing thinning of your hair. Soy milk may or may not do anything to stop your hairline from receding. Still, it is an inexpensive way than most drugs prescribed for hair loss. So you have nothing to loose, who knows you might end up with gaining both nutritionally and in terms of your hair following the consumption of soy milk. nutrition image by razorconcept from

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hair loss studies: Castrated Men Never Go Bald

Hair loss is a common issue faced by numerous individuals around the world. The study of hair loss is quite vast and through the course of time it delivered myths; some of which were proven, some of them failed and some where never tested. However, one of the recent tidings which is the word spreading like wild fire is the belief the castrated men never face baldness or hair fall. It is not yet confirmed that to which extent the tiding is true but some studies and initial records portray that this hypothesis may be a correct. However, a better way to gain some knowledge about any sub-study of hair is by understanding fundamentals of hair loss.

Statistic of Hair loss
It is believed that a wide range of male population suffer from hair loss. It is surveyed and estimated that approximately 50% of the male population worldwide suffer from hair loss; irrespective of region and climatic conditions hair loss is seen in almost all countries. It is studied that most men are prone to hair loss after the age of 40. However, the number of younger individuals suffering from hair loss is also significant. Considering the statistic of America alone, it is studied that approximately 35 million men and 21 million women are victim to hair loss. In this 40% of male sector has evident hair loss by the age of 40 where as women suffer from noticeable hair loss after 60.
Castrated Men and Hair loss According to studies it is revealed that men who lost their genitals due to accidental events may not suffer from hair loss. Such is the case of men who did not have relevant genitals at all, for example eunuchs. According to studies and survey the experts concluded that such individuals with influenced or no genital showed significant results of no hair loss at all. This was the first factor which imparted the idea that genitals which contain testosterone are somehow linked with the phenomenon of hair loss. This phenomenon also somehow emphasizes on the traditional belief that bald men are more virile.

Men with no genitals are believed to have no testosterone which reduces their chances of hair loss. In process of hair fall testosterones are converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) this is due to Alpha Reductase enzymes. When DHT is generated in excess it becomes harmful for the hair follicles undermining their growth and resulting in hair fall.

Advancement of Medical Industry

Since, a myriad of myths have been in the past, the contemporary medical studies are efficiently addressing these beliefs. Hair loss was believed to be genetic issue which was passed on through maternal line; however, latest studies have indicated that it can be due to either maternal or/ and paternal genetic issue.

Experts also claim that inappropriate diet can also lead to hair loss issues, as it is known that our diet is determinant of our health. Inappropriate diet may also cause nutritional deficiency which may lead to hair loss. Diet rich in fats is also believed to be a factor that stimulates hair loss. Fat rich diets are said to produce testosterone which gets converted into DHT leading to hair loss. Hence, one should be careful with what they eat and should try to consume beneficial nutrients such as Vitamin B6, Niacin, Beta- carotene etc.