Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thinning Hair? Check Your Diet

Thinning hair may look a normal issue; factually it is a serious issue which can lead to hair loss and baldness. These problems are faced by many but only a few who understand the severity and consequences of this issue try to overcome the malfunction. Thinning of hair can be due to various reasons such as extreme exposure to sun or adverse rays and environment, side effect of drugs etc. One of the core reasons for unhealthy hair is inappropriate diet. It is true that diet can also influence you hair conditions. Your diet is a source of supply of crucial nutrients to various part of body including hairs. Insufficient supply of required nutrients can lead to thinning of hair progressing to hair fall. Hence, it is essential to mollify your diet for the betterment of your hair conditions.

Since hair need certain nutrient to enjoy a good health, it is essential to include the source of such nutrients in the diet. Here are some suggestion and ideas on eatables that can help you intake required ingredients for your hairs.

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 is an important nutrient that can be helpful for the betterment of the hair. This vitamin can be consumed through fish, eggs, nutritious nuts and milk. Other sources of vitamin B6 are whole grains such as wheat, barley, oat and maize. This nutrient can also be found in breakfast items such as cereals and brown bread (Wheat bread) Fruits and vegetables like bananas, avocados, mangoes, potatoes, spinach and other green leafy vegetables.

Beta-carotene is another significant nutrient which promotes hair growth and results in better conditions of hair. It is essential to supply appropriate amount of beta carotene to your hairs as it not only influences the hair but also the skin making them healthier. Fruits sources of beta carotene are cantaloupe, carrot, apricot, squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, water melon etc. Vegetable such as romaine lettuce, spinach, kale and broccoli are rich in beta carotene and can supply sufficient amount of this nutrient.

Niacin is also considered as a great help for the betterment of the hair which can be consumed through lean meat, eggs, nuts, milk, green leafy vegetables, cereals and pastas. Potato skin is considered to be rich in niacin and is helpful when taken through unpeeled boiled potatoes.

These are few of the many helpful nutrients that can help you improve the health of your hairs making them thicker and stronger.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pros and Cons about weight loss

Hairstyles for Your Face Shape
Finding a hairstyle according to your face shape can make you look decent and attractive. Though it is correct that certain hairstyle is suitable for relevant face type, this law is not universally applicable. There are male with square shaped face but has long hairs which suits them well. This means that it is in fact according to the face features as well as structure. However, it is always better to know your face type and suitable hairstyle for your facial characteristic.

Face types
There are different face types that can be noticed. Some of the common facial shapes are listed below. It should be understand that there can also be combination of face shapes in real life.

• Round
• Square
• Oval
• Oblong or Rectangular
• Diamond
• Triangular

Round Shape
Round shape face are circular; hence, considerably heightened and puffed hairstyle at the crown of the head will suit them the best. Short to medium length hair with spiked styles can balance the look. Round faced people can also go for longer hairs but ensure that it does add to the width of your face. Middle partition can create the required illusion when done appropriately.

Square shape
Square shaped faces have sharp jaw- line which should be complemented with either short or medium length hair styled with layer pattern, curly look or wavy style. Your goal is to make your face look round at the cheek or / and heightened at the crown.

Oval Shape face: Oval shape is considered as perfect shape for face. However, most people look ideal with their respective facial silhouette. People with this type of face structure enjoy the liberty to wear most and different type of hairstyles. So if you have an oval shaped face you can try different hairstyles according to your desire.

Oblong Shape/ Rectangular shape
Oblong face shape is another common shape with men. Short to medium hair cut will go well with such face type. You can add protuberance on the sides to make your face look considerably broader. You can also add a bang effect falling on forehead making your face look shorter of appropriate length.

Diamond shaped face
People with diamond shaped face need to complement the width at the cheek. In such cases wispy hair styles suits the best. You can also opt for bangs to shorten the length of the face.

Triangular Face Shape
In this type of face shape the jaw- line is usually broader than the head. Hence, in order to neutralize the look you can go for a Layered pattern hairstyle which will balance the foreground jaw- line. You can also opt for medium length hair with shags and side bangs which will go with your face structure.

While you look in the mirror to identify your face shape and you find your face is strangely shaped or distorted, then you may not have to worry as it may be the mistake of the mirror. However, after determining your face type you can go for any of the relevant styles to suit your facial structures.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

How To Achieve Healthy Hair Growth

Hair loss is a common subject which we frequently come across these days. Most people are seeking ways in which they can stimulate hair growth and regain their lost beauty. Hair fall not only influences the look of the victim but also degrades the confidence level of a man. A wide number of people find it essential to gain their healthy hair in order to look good and recuperate their self-assurance. In the same course, they come across numerous treatments for hair loss; some of these may not be effective and some may show results in significantly longer time. Below mentioned are some commonly known treatments for stimulate hair growth.

Do not expect miracles:
It should be understood that the life cycle of hair is a gradual phenomenon and it takes time for hairs to grow to certain extent. People who are looking for results over night are actually chasing the wind. It is best to allow your hair to grow gradually through the course of time and your chief concern lies in consuming necessary nutrients and taking appropriate measure for hair growth. It is widely believed that ‘hope is the key to survival’, so keep hope and carry on working towards the betterment of your hair and you will definitely see satisfying result sooner or later.

Factors that stop hair growth:
There are numerous factors that stop your hair growth. To your information there are also aspects that reduce the effect of your efforts towards hair growth. Nutritional deficiency in case of hair can be one of the major factors that cease hair from growing and in worse case; it can lead to hair loss. Hence, one should try to supply sufficient necessary nutrient to hair. Scientifically speaking, when the hair follicles, sebaceous gland, sebum or even scalp skin gets negatively influenced it can result in hair loss. This can be avoided if you supply required nutrient to hair and take appropriate care.

Important Nutrient:

Evidently, appropriate supply of nutrient can help in bracing the hair growth. There are important nutrients that invigorate hair growth, for example, B-complex, Vitamin B-6, Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, silica etc. These are important supplies that can be obtained through vegetables such as green leafy vegetables and nutritious fruits. In order to obtain silica one can adopt anything made of horsetail (a kind of plant). Flaxseed oil is also considered as effective ingredient for hair growth. If your hair get appropriate supply of these ingredients and also some other important supplies, then there are fair chances that you can enhance the hair growth and have healthy hairs.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Understanding the Types Of Hair:

When it is spoken about types of hair, people generally imagine about the look of the hair and end up mulling about curly hair, straight hair, blonde hair etc. In fact the basic and significant knowledge that one should possess is about health and quality of hair. It should be known that there are three basic types of hair, namely, Dry Hair, Oily Hair and Normal Hair.

Dry Hair

These types of hair are very unfavorable and require appropriate cosmetics to feel and look sound. It is not easy to manage dry hair, especially after shampooing them. Such sort of hair looks dull and has dry as well as split ends. People with such hair type may notice hair fall as this kind of hair are weak and vulnerable to hair loss disorder. It may make the scalp itchy and flakes can be formed near the hairline on the scalp- skin.

Oily hair
Oily hair may look favorable but in fact are ill and poor quality hair. These hair types, after shampooing, may look good for one or two days but later becomes poor. The scalp, in case of oily hair, usually feels dirty and the hairs are cohered in unimpressive hair strands. It is also believed that oily hairs usually develop dandruff.

Normal hair
According to experts and researchers it is studied that this sort of hair is ideal quality for hairs. Such hairs are significantly luminous but interestingly they are not greasy. Such hairs are easy to manage and look good at the same time.

Hair Type Test
It is suggested to consult a hair specialist in order to know the type of your hair; however if you desire to evaluate your hair by yourself, then you may have to observe the subsequent steps.

• Wash you hair gently with shampoo a day prior to the day of test.

• Take a tissue paper and gently press it on your head and behind the ears. It should be known that one should not rub the paper; merely a gentle press is enough.

• While looking at the paper if you find that there is oil on it you can conclude that your hair are oily, if you do not find any oil then you may assume that you have dry hair.

By following the aforementioned points you cannot only understand the type of your hair but can also decide on further treatment for your hair.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hair Loss Solution for Diabetic Patient

It is widely known that diabetic patient can also be a victim to hair loss. As it is known that diabetes is a physical malfunction in which blood circulation is not at its optimal performance. Diabetes influences the immune system and hinders the nervous system to some extent. It creates excess stress and sickness in the patient’s body which indirectly affects the hair, which then results in hair loss.

Effect of Diabetes on Blood Circulation:

Diabetes results in various blood related disorders such as increase in sugar concentration in blood, clotted blood flow with poor blood circulation etc. It is studied that with inappropriate blood flow necessary nutrients and sufficient oxygen are not properly supplied to the follicles of hair, which then leads to hair fall. In order to filter the excessive sugar present in the body, extensive energy sources are used; this even diverts energy form other sources including energy required by hair.

Effect of Diabetes on Skin:

It should be known that diabetes is a hormone related disorder which can lead to unhealthy hair conditions such as thinning and breaking hair. Since, this disorder influences blood circulation significantly it also affects the skin, including scalp; this may also be a reason to support the fact that diabetes can be the cause of hair loss.

Solution for hair Loss and Diabetes:

It is important to undergo appropriate treatment for hair loss in order to avoid bald scalp. In case you notice that the quality of your hair is degrading or you hair is becoming thinner then consults a hair specialist in this case. Since, there is a valid relation between diabetes and hair, a better way to start your treatment is by diagnosing yourself for diabetes. You should control your diabetes as well as simultaneously work on your hair.

Ø It is essential to have a diet plan which is suitable for both the malfunctions, diabetes as well as hair loss. You should include healthy fruits in your diet which contain necessary vitamins for your hair and at the same time are suitable for diabetes.

Ø Green leafy vegetables are best for better hair conditions; ask your doctor what other vegetable would be good for your hair growth and will not stimulate diabetes.

Ø Undergo stress management routine; daily yoga can be a part of this routine. You can consult experts in the field who will consult you about various stress busters for relieving your mental condition.

Ø It should be understood that diabetes should be reduced in order to have healthy hair; hence taking you medicine on time is equally crucial.

You need to overcome all the barriers and follow such daily routine in order to cut down diabetes and control hair loss.