Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Best Hair Loss Treatments for men naturally

There is no doubt that hair loss is increasingly affecting people throughout the world. Though this condition is influential on both male and female gender, it is highly recorded in men than women. There are different kinds of hair loss found in men, some are temporary and more localized while other are extremely difficult to treat and reversed. However, since most men desire to see instant results, they usually relapse from their treatment regimen due to no results seen in few days of efforts. It is suggested that if you are undergoing a hair loss treatment than continue the treatment for 6 months at least as hair loss and sexual dysfunction are two physical conditions which takes time to be treated.

There are various treatments techniques which can be used to help you get rid of hair loss. There are massages, therapies, allopathic medicines, homeopathies etc. However, most people believe on going for herbal products which works at the root cause of the issue to eradicate the problem. Herbal medicines work at the root and make it firmer to hold the hair and prevent hair from falling. This is the reason why most people rely on herbal and natural ways in order to treat baldness. Here are some natural treatments helpful against hair loss.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is a natural herb which has been in practice as a medicinal herb since centuries among the Indians. It is recorded that Aloe Vera makes your hair thicker and healthier. It is suggested that you should rub aloe Vera on your scalp every night before sleeping. This natural herb contains many helpful enzymes; moreover it has the ability to trigger nitric oxide formation which causes stimulation of hair growth in people suffering from male pattern baldness.

Green Tea:

Green teat helps in reducing the risk of male pattern baldness. It should be taken several times a day. It is studied that green tea contains an antioxidant named as catechins which has the potential for inhibiting 5 alpha-reductase enzymes. This enzyme is the chief culprit that converts testosterone into DHT which causes male pattern baldness.

Red pepper:

Red pepper flesh is also a helpful ingredient for motioning hair health. Red pepper flesh can be applied directly on the scalp. This actually serves as a skin irritant which causes secretion of histamine a protein associate with allergic reaction. This gradually causes hair- cell stimulation on the scalp and draw blood as well as nutrients to the region of the scalp and causes re- growth of hair.

Nettle root:

The root of nettle plant is known to be very helpful in treating hair loss. If you cannot found nettle root, then you can buy these in tablet or capsule form from pharmaceutical vendors. These roots contain lipids as well as minerals which can stimulate follicles of hair and promote hair re- growth. This nettle root can be taken alone but it works more effectively when taken with Saw Palmetto.

Saw palmetto:

Saw palmetto is also effective in treating hair loss. It is increasingly becoming popular as an efficacious hair loss treatment. This works well when used in combination with Nettle root. You can get a saw palmetto gel and combine five drops of this gel with equal amount of extract from the nettle root. Mix well and rub the mixtures on your scalp gently. You should let your scalp absorb the infusion; hence, leave it for an hour. This will help in blocking DHT formation. Remember that this medicine is not suggested for nursing or pregnant ladies.