Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hair Dryer Usage Results into Alopecia Areata

Hair dryer that we use to dry our hairs may cause Alopecia areata i.e. pattern baldness. The blow of the air that we use to dry the hairs is noted to weaken the hairs. Generally we use the hot air blow to dry the hairs. The hot air blown through the dryer dries the hairs, but also removes the moisture completely from the hairs. As a result the nutrients present are also dried and hairs are not able to utilize them. This results in thinning of hair that they break easily.

Consistent blow of the air at one location in the head damages the hair roots. It loosens the grip of the hairs over the head and when you comb the hair, they just come out with the bristles of the comb.

If you are noticing the hair loss very frequently by breaking of the hairs then you need to change the way you are using the hair dryer. For this you need to use the hair dryer by keeping the temperature of the air blow at minimum. Also cleaning the hairs first with the soft towel is recommended and then only you can use the air dryer.

It is always recommended to not to use the air dryer regularly or daily as it is not good for the health of the hair. Occasional usage is fine, but that too at very slow air blow with the low temperature. This will help to dry hairs without any harm to their health.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Types Of Hair Extension

Hair extension is an extension that makes women hair more stylish. Its great addition for women to change her hair style. Nowadays, Hair extension come in many variety. Hair extensions allow women to extend their short hair to any varying length . Hair extension can be categorized into two type.

1) Human hair.
2) Synthetic hair.

1) Human hair: Human hair is looking more realistic than synthetic hair. It's looking like natural hair. But it is much costly than synthetic hair. Natural or Human hair extensions are available in different qualities which decide their price.

2) Synthetic hair: Synthetic hair is produced in lab. It is very difficult to get synthetic hair extensions that match one's hair perfectly. Synthetic hair is less costly than natural hair extension. Synthetic hair extensions are a great choice for experimenting with different hairstyles without spending too much money.

If you want to use hair extension please first check that which hair extension is attuned to your hair style.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Apple a Day Keeps Hair Loss Away

Original Saying is “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but as per the latest studies it has been proved that “An apple a day keeps the hair loss away.” Apple is a very nutritious fruits with a tremendous health benefits.

The research study concluded that eating an apple everyday reduces the chances of person to suffer with the baldness. In fact the study proved that people who eat apples daily never face the hair loss problem.

The element Procyanidin B-2 present in the Apple improves the hair growth in the person. Its intake has also showed the improvement in the hair growth in the bald men. Even eating the apple everyday provides your body the necessary amount of the Procyanidin B-2 that enables the hair to grow faster than normal.

Apple is the rich source of the potassium, zinc, proteins, dietary fibers, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 (thiamine), phosphorous, copper, and iron. These elements play a significant role in the hair growth. The concentration of these minerals and vitamins gets abundant in the body due to the intake of the Apple. Thus, it prevents the occurrence of the hair loss.

By eating an Apple daily your hair growth would be dense and thick and its intake is a permanent solution to the hair loss issue. It is the natural remedy for the hair loss. So, if you are facing the hair loss problem then start eating an Apple a day to stay away from baldness.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hair Care Tips for Hot and Moist Weather

Special attention should be given toward the hair care during the summer season as it is during this season that maximum hair loss is noted. The hot weather evaporates all the moisture present in the hairs, this makes the hair dry and you get to suffer with the problem of the hair thinning. This may further lead to the breaking of the hairs and the baldness.

It is necessary for the person to take a special care of the hairs during the hot and moist weather. Here are few tips that may help you to take necessary hair care during the summer days:

1. During summer season it is necessary to wash the hairs at least thrice in a week. This helps the hairs to regain the lost moisture and also keeps them clean from the dust.

2. Use of the moisturizer is recommended as it helps the hairs to stay moisturized and prevent them from getting exposed to hot and humid climate thus, it protects hairs from getting dry and wilt.

Cover your hairs with the scarf or cap while you go out in the sun. It prevents from the harmful sun rays.

Oiling of the hairs is good during the summer season as it gives a shinny appearance to the hairs, which helps in the reflection of the harmful sun rays. But, please don’t oil the hairs regularly you can oil the hairs on the alternate days.

Special care should be taken in case of the long hairs. Please tie the long hairs and also wash them regularly with some natural shampoo at least 4 times in a week this will help them to stay clean and retain the necessary moisture. Also oil them with almond or olive oil on alternate days as this will provide them with the necessary nutrition.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Special Tips While You Cut Hair

Many women have passion to look very fair and beautiful so that they attract their partner. Some of them take a special care of their body and also take a special care about their looks. But they forget about their hair style.

Yes, it is a fact that 60% of women ignore the hair care. But, if you take care of your hair, you will look very gorgeous. So here I suggest you some tips for hair care. When you go for a haircut, you first decide which hair cut suit you. If you confuse about it ask hair care expert. You can always option for textured cuts, bob cuts, step cuts, etc. If you don't want to shorten your long hair, you can option out for fringes too.

Remember that you should choose your hair style according to your facial structure. Understanding your face structure and scheduling a hair style are the best ways to ensure a perfect cut.

And, one important thing is that choose your hair care consultant or expert appropriately, so he or she can explain you about your hair problem and which style suits you the best. If he/she asks about your daily routine please tell everything that you do. And, how much time you are willing to spend on your hair. Pay close attention to your hair care expert tips. So style your hairs appropriately and impress your love.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eat Fruits for Healthy Hairs

Fruits are the rich source of the vitamins and minerals that are essential for the proper hair growth. So, if you eat fruits regularly then your hairs stay healthy and you are prevented from hair loss also. It has been noted through the number of research studies that people who eat fruits daily have better hair than those who avoid eating fruits daily.

For the proper hair growth, you require the good amount of Vitamin B and minerals like zinc and iron as they make your hair sturdy. You also require the adequate amount of the Vitamin C as it acts as the transport medium for the supply of the essential nutrients to the hair. All these vitamins are minerals can be best obtained from the fruits.

You need to eat fruits like oranges, pomegranate, straw berries, acerola, and guava to get the adequate amount of Vitamin C. To get adequate amount of Vitamin B you need to consume the fruits like figs, bananas, and avocado. To get healthy amount of the iron and zinc you must eat apple, bananas, mangoes, and pineapple. Thus, from these details we can conclude that eating fruits is must for the healthy hairs.

Intake of fruits is also very helpful in the treatment of the baldness. Due to the supply of the essential nutrients from the fruits you may notice the hair regrowth on the bald patches on the head. Include the fruits in your diet from today and get a healthy hair.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Natural Ways to Eliminate Dandruff

Dandruff is the common hair issue faced by many people. Its occurrence is noted as common as one out of every two person. Improper hair care is prominent reason behind the occurrence of the dandruff.

Nature has got the solution for everything, only necessity is to find out the exact solution. Here are the simple natural ways to eliminate dandruff—

1. Wash your hairs with the lemon (Citrus limo) juice or rub the hair scalp with lemon peels. This would remove the debris of the skin that forms the dandruff.

2. Mixture of beetroot (Beta vulgaris) juice along with the vinegar should be massaged deeply for about 10 minutes on the hairs. This washes out all the dandruff and stops the formation of the dandruff.

3. Henna leaves (Lawsonia inermis) are a very superb remedy for dandruff. Form the paste of these leaves and mash it along with the beetroot juice and then apply it over the hairs. Apply this past daily for a week; your dandruff problem would be completely resolved.

4. Applying the paste of fenugreek seeds (Trigonella foenum-graecum) on the scalp daily is very helpful to overcome the dandruff problem. Apply this paste daily twice and you would receive the best results within few days.

5. Rubbing the juice of the snake gourd (Trichosanthes cucumerina var. anguina) over the scalp helps in the eradication of dandruff and stops the formation of dandruff again.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tips for Coping with Hair Loss

Hair loss issue is being a problem of concern nowadays. It has been analyzed by many of the hair experts that, increase in the baldness cases is being noted in the last decade. Previously only old men or women used to face the problem of the hair loss, but nowadays even the young individuals are noted be facing the hair loss problem. As per the trichologist (hair experts), the main reason behind the hair loss problem is the unhealthy lifestyle that we are following. Basically the hormonal imbalance is the reason behind the occurrence of the hair loss in majority of the cases. The person faces the hair loss issue when the hormone dihydrotestosterone is being increased and level of the testosterone is being decreased.

Nearly about 30% of the men and 20% of the women all over the world are facing the problem of the hair loss. Hair loss is the issue that every one of us faces during certain phase in the life. So, we all need to learn the ways to cope up with the hair loss problem. The first thing I will suggest in order to cope up with the hair loss issue is stop washing the hairs too often. Many of the people have the habit of washing the hair daily, this is what makes the hair to get lose from their basement, and then when you comb the hair they come out very easily. Thus, the hair loss problem arises. Wash the hairs twice or at the most thrice in the week and do use the soft hair brush to comb the hairs. This will help you cope with the hair loss issue.

Baldness was an incurable condition before a decade, but today due to the advances in the medical science there are various treatments available to overcome the hair loss. One of the easiest and effective ways to treat the hair loss was the usage of the generic Propecia pills. They are the Finasteride containing medications that helps the bald men to overcome the hair loss issue and get the thick and dense hairs back on the bald patches on the head. The hair transplant surgery is one of the most result-oriented modes to treat the hair loss. It is the quickest method to overcome hair loss, but is very expensive.

Now let move toward the natural modes of coping with the hair loss. Healthy diet is the effective way to maintain the good hair health. You can prevent the hair loss by opting for the balanced diet option. The intake of proteins in the diet should be up to mark in order to maintain the hair health at their optimum level. Stress is one of the reasons that contribute to the hair loss, so please try to avoid the stress and tensions or opt out for the methods that will help you to combat stress. Good amount of sleep in one of the best stress busters that can help you a lot to cope up with the hair loss problem.

It is also recommended to drink a lot of water in order to prevent the hair loss. As water acts as the medium to transfer the essential nutrients to the hairs. To cope up with the hair loss oiling of must be in limit. It is not good for the health of the hairs to oil them daily. This is because oil blocks the pores and destructs the normal functioning of the hairs. We recommend oiling the hairs for about twice in a week and not more than it. This will help to keep your hairs health at the optimum level and prevent them from falling unconditionally.