Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How To Effectively Use Hair Spray

Hairsprays are part of a class of personal care products that help hair to hold a desired style.
Think hard on using hairspray well! To use a spray properly is more than holding it near hair and pressing buttons.

Best Styles

Incredibly to achieve the best looking style, you must reflect on why you are using the spray and how the most fabulous results can be achieved.

So how should it be used?

  • In general spray cans or bottles should be held upright 8-12 inches from the hair (aerosol sprays should be held further away than non-aerosol products).
  • Always remember that most spray is inflammable and should never be directed at a heating tool such as a curling iron, hot hair dryer, or straightener.
  • A single loose connection or spark could have disastrous and dangerous results. Furthermore, avoid getting spray in your eyes if inflammation has to be curbed effectively. Here we list different ways on how to use hair spray.


At styling time, apply hair spray as you work with locks, perhaps even when they are still wet. Brush sprays into hair and immediately bring it into a desired position – most sprays dry quickly and a delay will eventually distort your look. An additional short burst of spray can help finish the look and hold it right in place.

For Maximum Hold

In order to provide the strongest hold, style hair well and spray all over the style, possibly keeping a tricky part of the style in place while spray sets. Allow few seconds for the spray to dry well to achieve maximum hold.

For Volumizing Hair

In case you have to create greater volume with your style, apply hair spray on the underside of your hair before styling and brush it upside down for a few seconds.
This will help to lift hair off the scalp for the maximum volume. Afterwards, style hair as desired, using additional spray for hold if necessary.

Different hair sprays are recommended for different hair types

  • It depends whether you prefer conventional staid styles or are daring and love punk, frizzy styles. Think about what you need to do on a particular day. Suppose you want to be outdoors on a windy day, innovate on a stronger hold than normally needed.
  • Hair spray is generally used in order to keep hair stiff. Hair spray use apart from keeping the hair in a certain form does not however take away the natural bounce and is even capable of providing additional shine, which is always quite welcome.

The right spray

Choosing the right spray is also an art. Hairspray comes in aerosol and pump forms, what you require is strictly personal preference.
Generally, aerosol products dry faster. There are definitely some opinionated elements partial to the pump action sprays as they have less of an impact on the environment.

There are a few more guidelines on using hair spray

  • One should always use hair-spray in a limited manner and in a well-ventilated room.
  • Hair-spray can effectively keep hair in good shape, but they do contain ingredients that are health hazardous. Remember not to use too much of it. Also remember that a recognized brand should be used. Use it effectively and carefully.

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