Friday, October 17, 2014

Blurred Vision - Reasons and Natural Treatment

Blurred vision is the term coined for a disorder of eyes where a person would experience dull, drab, and distorted sights through his/her eyes. This condition could be correlated to using a high definition camera that’s pretty advanced in terms of resolution and quality, but is one that provides pictures lacking in contrast, brightness, finer details, etc. While blurring of vision can be caused due to the most simplest and trite reasons such as watching television for long periods of time, it may also be caused as being a byproduct of serious complications such as diabetes, migraine, etc. 
There are actually several ways by which a person can contract this condition, but some of the most common among them are:

·         Concentrated tasks: If you happen to use TV or computer for some really long hours during day, or night, you are increasingly at risk of having a blurred vision in future. The reason for this to happen is that such tasks usually require an unflinching attention of the eyes, which make them tired and weary. Many such initial acts are actually not what cause blurring of vision, but instead they make the eyes more prone to such a disorder. This means that whenever next you use your eyes for such a task, that’s when you may witness distorted images on the TV or computer screen.

·         Uncorrected vision: Most people who’re diagnosed with minor vision problems don’t bother to get these fixed, or adopt any preventive measures such as using glasses, lens, etc. Such conditions usually end up being aggravated overtime, which eventually causes blurring of vision.

·         Dryness: Blurred vision can be directly linked to drying of eyes. Dryness can be induced in eyes due to working in moisture-less condition such as an air conditioned-office, or being present in a highly heated oven-like environment, such as a desert place, etc.

·         Acute short-sightedness: A person having short-sightedness may not realize the blurring of his vision in normal light because of his eye condition, but he/she would be able to notice the difference in lower light levels.

·         Refractive errors: Another common reason why people suffer from blurred vision is because they might be unconscious about the presence of a refractive error such as astigmatism, long sightedness, etc., in their eye-sight. Due to the presence of such conditions, it becomes difficult for a person to know that he/she has a blurred vision, but the same can be clearly noticed when there’s a visual system fatigue or one’s eyes become tired.

Besides the above, there are many other causes through which blurred vision might be caused in a person. However, such a condition can be ably cured and recovered from, by using some very simple and natural treatments. A number of such remedies are listed as below:

·         Eye exercises: For people who undertake jobs that require them to look at display screens through the day, exercising their eyes is of pivotal importance. As part of this regime, you must rub your eyes in circular motion, while rinsing your mouth with water simultaneously. Additionally, you should take regular breaks from your work, or from constantly looking at a screen. You can also try and look at different objects placed at different vantage points. If you cannot afford to look away from your designated screen, make sure you blink often so that you offset any harm being caused thereby.

·         Rest your eyes: The body cures most of its problems during sleep, and this is applicable in case of eye disorders like blurred vision as well. Resting your eyes in between hectic work schedules or, taking small naps of 5 to 10 minutes can prove really beneficial for your eye health.

·         Eye-friendly foods: You can make a considerable amount of difference to your condition of blurred vision by including in your diet some particular foods that are known to improve and maintain eye health. Some of these foods that you can eat regularly include: carrots, Indian spinach (carotene), milk (Vitamin A), liquorice roots, chicory roots, parsley, celery, cabbage, etc.

Therefore, the above was short note on blurred vision, the causes behind it, and some remedies for the same.  

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