Saturday, May 30, 2015

Effective Techniques to Tackle Adult Dyslexia

Dyslexia severely impacts an individual’s ability to process information. It hampers reading, speaking & writing ability of the individual. But, you can tackle adult dyslexia head on by taking some preventive measures like exercising, playing brain games and maintaining a healthy diet. 

One of the best ways of understanding dyslexia is establish what it’s not. Firstly, it is not an indication of low indication or sluggishness. It is not caused by poor vision. It is a common condition that tends to affect the functioning of brain related to spoken & written language.  Dyslexia is primarily associated with trouble with reading. But, it can also potentially affect the spelling, speaking and writing. Here, it is interesting to note that people suffering dyslexia might still understand complex ideas because their ability to understand is still intact, though a bit slowed down.  Here are some effective techniques to beat Adult Dyslexia :

Exercise: You should spend some time to exercise regularly. The best aspect of exercising regularly is that you can keep your body fit and keep wide range of illnesses at bay. Another positive thing about this activity is that it increases the blood flow in the body. It improves your mental & physical health.

Brain Games: Engaging in brain games like Sudoku, puzzles & Chess is extremely helpful in beating dyslexia. You need to make these activities an integral part of your daily routine. Brain, just like any other body part, requires regular exercise to maintain fitness. Lack of brain exercises makes it lazy & slow, so take a cue from it and engage in brain games regularly.  

Diet: The diet has an immense effect on our brain. Consuming food rich in Omega 3 can increase your ability to read properly. In the same manner, consuming green leafy vegetables is also helpful in keeping the brain healthy.

Educate yourself: In order to effectively deal with dyslexia, you need to learn all about this disorder, keep updated about the latest developments & researches on the topic. They may turn out to be an exceptional source of information & support in the long run.

Engage in fun activities:
During your childhood days, you might have loved engaging certain activities that would have been fun experience, but as you grew up, things changed and the priorities changed. Here’s your chance to enjoy engaging in those activities again. You can catch up with your old friends & go out on a trip. It would certainly bring out the child in you & you will get an opportunity to reminisce good old days.

Invest time on your passion: If you have always been passionate about singing, then it’s time to spend time learning the art of singing. You can get private tuitions and feel the joy of finally enjoying your passion. Finally, if you are good at singing, then you can consider taking the next big leap and start singing professionally. There’s no need to be worried about what others are going to say because it’s all about your happiness during initial days.

Change your Attitude: You need to stop thinking dyslexia as a problem & develop the idea that you’re specially gifted individual. Understanding the frustration felt by you will be immensely helpful in channelizing the negative energy into positive one. It’s high time you stopped considering yourself slow & stupid. It’s only when you change your perspective about yourself that people will change their opinion about you. Start respecting yourself in order to get respect from others.

Be creative: You need regularly spend time playing with your mind. You can try learning new languages that work best for you. There’s vast amount of information in every language and remembering all that stuff is extremely difficult, but you can choose to remember things according to your choice & convenience.


If you intend to beat adult dyslexia, then you would have to religiously follow above-mentioned guidelines. Most importantly, you should also contact a specialist to get professional view on the situation because he would be the right person to guide you about the next step forward.

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