Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hottest hairstyles for men

Most men like their hair short while some like it long and silky. Men too have plenty of hair choices like their female counterparts. A hair style depends on your lifestyle, profession, personality and your hair texture. Most styles are short and easy to maintain. Let’s look at the trendy five hair styles for men.

Straight hair

Long, straight hair is a secret desire of every man. One must grow the hair till shoulder length and then go for re-bonding to get the straight look. Hair styling products and gels can also get you the smooth, long look or a visit to the salon can also get you your desired straight style.

Spiked hair

This looks cool and trendy. They are great for short hair. It takes a few seconds to get the spiked look. Young men and teenagers look good in this style. All you have to do is spread a good quality medium strength hair gel onto your palm and rub your hands together and apply it. Work on the hair as you would want the spikes to be.


The ponytail look is a popular look made famous mainly in movies. A well-set hair with gel with a small ponytail at the back is a famous style which makes the person look smart and manly. Bearing a ponytail is in fashion presently.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a short style and has a neat, military look about it. It is also very easy to carry and maintain. Crew cuts look cute on guys who have oval-shaped faces. Crew cut is great for professionals and sportsmen alike and if time is short in your hand, this is the best choice.


Bangs are fashionable and mainly for the younger generation. Older men sport this style to reduce the older look. Bangs are the style where the hair falls on to the forehead. They make you look young and fashionable too. Haircuts with bangs never go out of fashion.

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