Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hair loss studies: Castrated Men Never Go Bald

Hair loss is a common issue faced by numerous individuals around the world. The study of hair loss is quite vast and through the course of time it delivered myths; some of which were proven, some of them failed and some where never tested. However, one of the recent tidings which is the word spreading like wild fire is the belief the castrated men never face baldness or hair fall. It is not yet confirmed that to which extent the tiding is true but some studies and initial records portray that this hypothesis may be a correct. However, a better way to gain some knowledge about any sub-study of hair is by understanding fundamentals of hair loss.

Statistic of Hair loss
It is believed that a wide range of male population suffer from hair loss. It is surveyed and estimated that approximately 50% of the male population worldwide suffer from hair loss; irrespective of region and climatic conditions hair loss is seen in almost all countries. It is studied that most men are prone to hair loss after the age of 40. However, the number of younger individuals suffering from hair loss is also significant. Considering the statistic of America alone, it is studied that approximately 35 million men and 21 million women are victim to hair loss. In this 40% of male sector has evident hair loss by the age of 40 where as women suffer from noticeable hair loss after 60.
Castrated Men and Hair loss According to studies it is revealed that men who lost their genitals due to accidental events may not suffer from hair loss. Such is the case of men who did not have relevant genitals at all, for example eunuchs. According to studies and survey the experts concluded that such individuals with influenced or no genital showed significant results of no hair loss at all. This was the first factor which imparted the idea that genitals which contain testosterone are somehow linked with the phenomenon of hair loss. This phenomenon also somehow emphasizes on the traditional belief that bald men are more virile.

Men with no genitals are believed to have no testosterone which reduces their chances of hair loss. In process of hair fall testosterones are converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) this is due to Alpha Reductase enzymes. When DHT is generated in excess it becomes harmful for the hair follicles undermining their growth and resulting in hair fall.

Advancement of Medical Industry

Since, a myriad of myths have been in the past, the contemporary medical studies are efficiently addressing these beliefs. Hair loss was believed to be genetic issue which was passed on through maternal line; however, latest studies have indicated that it can be due to either maternal or/ and paternal genetic issue.

Experts also claim that inappropriate diet can also lead to hair loss issues, as it is known that our diet is determinant of our health. Inappropriate diet may also cause nutritional deficiency which may lead to hair loss. Diet rich in fats is also believed to be a factor that stimulates hair loss. Fat rich diets are said to produce testosterone which gets converted into DHT leading to hair loss. Hence, one should be careful with what they eat and should try to consume beneficial nutrients such as Vitamin B6, Niacin, Beta- carotene etc.

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