Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hair Growth and Hair Loss

In recent years, more and more people, especially men, have encountered problems related to premature balding. Indeed, hair loss is one of the most common beauty and health issues today. While the hair loss phenomenon continues to plague the nation, you can rest easy knowing there is something you can turn to in order to cope and defeat this dilemma.

Hair Growth and Hair Loss

Normally, the growth cycle of human hair goes on for two to three years, with each hair strand growing up to approximately a centimeter every month. At any one time, 90% of hair found on your scalp grows, while the remaining 10% takes a break and simply stops to grow. This 10% ten falls out in three to four months’ time, allowing new hair to come out and grow in its place. So you see, losing hair strands is actually normal.

Everyone experiences this as part of their hair’s natural life cycle. But at one point or another, some people lose more hair than the normal amount – and more often than expected. This leads to a hair loss problem, and when this happens to you, you should take it upon yourself to look for ways to make hair grow faster. Otherwise, you could end up bald sooner than you think.

Age-old Traditions
There are many ways for you to help hair grow faster. First you should turn to the oldest trick in the book for natural hair growth: Vitamin A, in particular, plays a big role in the production of sebum, a substance that makes hair come out soft and smooth, fights dandruff, and takes dirt off the scalp. Less than the right amount of sebum will cause hair loss, but be careful because more than the right amount will block hair follicles, promoting even more hair loss. Good sources of Vitamin A include yellow and orange fruits and veggies, such as mango, squash, orange, carrot, and sweet potato.

Vitamin E also helps in the prevention of hair loss. It is essential in the promotion of proper blood circulation, allowing the scalp to increase its absorption of oxygen. Vitamin E can be found in different oils, such as corn oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, and soybean oil. Finally, complete your natural hair treatment with the B vitamins, hemoglobin enhancers and known sources of protein and folic acid. B vitamins can be found in chicken meat, pork, beef, peas, beans, and lentils.


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