Monday, December 20, 2010

Facts about hair that may help you in protecting your hair from falling

Hair loss is a growing physical issue not only amongst men but also women. It is essential to practice ways in which one can take care of their hair and keep their hairs from damages. In order to adopt appropriate method to treat hair loss, it is important to know some significant facts about your hair. Belo are some beneficial point about hair.
  • It is believed that 10% of all hair is in resting stage while the rest keeps growing. This condition is seen at any point of time in life.
  • hair are strong; this can be understood by the fact the one hair strand can hold 100 grams of weight.
  • It is also believed that side effects due to drugs are amongst the major reasons of hair loss.
  • is a protein which is the component of human hair. It is also responsible of imparting elasticity to fingernails.
  • is believed that losing 100 hair strands a day is okay as every individual may lose over 40% of hair throughout his / her lifetime.
  • becomes noticeable when a person loses over 505 of his hair density.
  • and other such habits which includes consumption of toxicants may cause hair loss.
  • over the age of 50 may face hair loss issue; on the other hand women above age of 40 may face female pattern hair loss.
  • you are between the age group of 15 to 30, then it is the best time to try to re-grow or maintain your hair, as this is the time when hair grows the best.
It is essential to consult a doctor in order to cure your hair related issue. Most people give up earlier due to no result seen in shorter time. It should be understood that hair growth takes time and one should complete the instructed medical course in order to re-gain your dignity. In some cases when doctors find it difficult to determine the cause of hair loss; hair samples are sent to laboratory for testing. This helps the expert to understand the root cause of the issues and accordingly suggest medical aid.

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