Friday, June 10, 2011

Hair Tips: what men can learn from women

When it comes to taking care of one’s body, women far outscore men. Be it nurturing their skin, fingernails or hair, women seem to be more aware of their body’s needs whereas guys generally tend to overlook the finer things in life. Hair care is one of the areas where they can learn from the expertise of women. Given underneath are some of the ways in which women look after their hair, which even men can try to replicate.

Washing hair: Women do make it a point to wash their hair at least one a week religiously. One thing to keep in mind is that the type of hair you have is crucial in determining how much washing it needs. And while washing check to ensure that the temperature is lukewarm. And then while bathing gently massage your scalp.

Combing: Combing your hair plays an important part in nurturing it. If you have ever seen a female comb her hair you might have noticed the time she takes in combing. Try to copy her style and take some time to comb your hair. Choose a right hair comb and do not share it with anyone. Hair is the most fragile when wet, hence be gentle while combing.

Environment: Women never venture out in the sun (in excess), they do not simple dive into the swimming pool without proper protection and they always steer clear of dust and dirt. The point being made is that women are more aware about their surroundings than men. Whether it is your skin or your hair, being in contact with pollutants or sun for too long has an adverse effect.
Diet: This is unfortunately one thing that even women seem to be neglecting nowadays. But a diet ample in calcium, iron and silica is essential for strengthening your hair from the inside.


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