Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hair care for men and women

Hair care for men and women

With so many cosmetics available in the market for hair, people just jump on to any product they can lay their hands on, not knowing that these product designed to save their hair usually ruins it. Hair care is a very tricky issue, the main reason being that every individual’s hair requires special and unique treatment. This is because their hair issues are also unique for instance some may suffer from hair loss, baldness, hair thinning, dandruff, dry hair, hair shaft breakage etc.

The reasons for the aforementioned issues may also vary from individual to individual. For some it may be due to hormonal imbalances while for others the reasons may range from minor or major surgeries, genealogy, and wrong diet, lack of sleep, stress, depression or side effects of any medications. And of course a person’s gender plays a key role as well. Before deciding upon any treatment or using any product a person needs to understand his or her hair well enough. It would be a lot helpful for you to conduct some of the below tests which will help you understand the products you need (and these tests are a onetime thing),

Blood tests determine the nutrient value present in your blood and hence help the physician suggest a perfect diet as per your body’ need.

Hair pull test determines the strength of the roots. This determines whether you are in need of any products that contain Minoxidil.

Hair shaft examination is essential for men as it is a prevalent problem amongst most men.

Density count is done using video microscopy. In here the number of hair per square centimeter of the scalp is measured. The hair at the sides, back and crown are then compared to see if any disparity exists.

Although there are many other test used to analyze one’s hair, these are the common few that gives an overall picture of a person’s hair health.

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