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Hairstyles for Your Face Shape
Finding a hairstyle according to your face shape can make you look decent and attractive. Though it is correct that certain hairstyle is suitable for relevant face type, this law is not universally applicable. There are male with square shaped face but has long hairs which suits them well. This means that it is in fact according to the face features as well as structure. However, it is always better to know your face type and suitable hairstyle for your facial characteristic.

Face types
There are different face types that can be noticed. Some of the common facial shapes are listed below. It should be understand that there can also be combination of face shapes in real life.

• Round
• Square
• Oval
• Oblong or Rectangular
• Diamond
• Triangular

Round Shape
Round shape face are circular; hence, considerably heightened and puffed hairstyle at the crown of the head will suit them the best. Short to medium length hair with spiked styles can balance the look. Round faced people can also go for longer hairs but ensure that it does add to the width of your face. Middle partition can create the required illusion when done appropriately.

Square shape
Square shaped faces have sharp jaw- line which should be complemented with either short or medium length hair styled with layer pattern, curly look or wavy style. Your goal is to make your face look round at the cheek or / and heightened at the crown.

Oval Shape face: Oval shape is considered as perfect shape for face. However, most people look ideal with their respective facial silhouette. People with this type of face structure enjoy the liberty to wear most and different type of hairstyles. So if you have an oval shaped face you can try different hairstyles according to your desire.

Oblong Shape/ Rectangular shape
Oblong face shape is another common shape with men. Short to medium hair cut will go well with such face type. You can add protuberance on the sides to make your face look considerably broader. You can also add a bang effect falling on forehead making your face look shorter of appropriate length.

Diamond shaped face
People with diamond shaped face need to complement the width at the cheek. In such cases wispy hair styles suits the best. You can also opt for bangs to shorten the length of the face.

Triangular Face Shape
In this type of face shape the jaw- line is usually broader than the head. Hence, in order to neutralize the look you can go for a Layered pattern hairstyle which will balance the foreground jaw- line. You can also opt for medium length hair with shags and side bangs which will go with your face structure.

While you look in the mirror to identify your face shape and you find your face is strangely shaped or distorted, then you may not have to worry as it may be the mistake of the mirror. However, after determining your face type you can go for any of the relevant styles to suit your facial structures.

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