Friday, July 2, 2010

Hair Loss Solution for Diabetic Patient

It is widely known that diabetic patient can also be a victim to hair loss. As it is known that diabetes is a physical malfunction in which blood circulation is not at its optimal performance. Diabetes influences the immune system and hinders the nervous system to some extent. It creates excess stress and sickness in the patient’s body which indirectly affects the hair, which then results in hair loss.

Effect of Diabetes on Blood Circulation:

Diabetes results in various blood related disorders such as increase in sugar concentration in blood, clotted blood flow with poor blood circulation etc. It is studied that with inappropriate blood flow necessary nutrients and sufficient oxygen are not properly supplied to the follicles of hair, which then leads to hair fall. In order to filter the excessive sugar present in the body, extensive energy sources are used; this even diverts energy form other sources including energy required by hair.

Effect of Diabetes on Skin:

It should be known that diabetes is a hormone related disorder which can lead to unhealthy hair conditions such as thinning and breaking hair. Since, this disorder influences blood circulation significantly it also affects the skin, including scalp; this may also be a reason to support the fact that diabetes can be the cause of hair loss.

Solution for hair Loss and Diabetes:

It is important to undergo appropriate treatment for hair loss in order to avoid bald scalp. In case you notice that the quality of your hair is degrading or you hair is becoming thinner then consults a hair specialist in this case. Since, there is a valid relation between diabetes and hair, a better way to start your treatment is by diagnosing yourself for diabetes. You should control your diabetes as well as simultaneously work on your hair.

Ø It is essential to have a diet plan which is suitable for both the malfunctions, diabetes as well as hair loss. You should include healthy fruits in your diet which contain necessary vitamins for your hair and at the same time are suitable for diabetes.

Ø Green leafy vegetables are best for better hair conditions; ask your doctor what other vegetable would be good for your hair growth and will not stimulate diabetes.

Ø Undergo stress management routine; daily yoga can be a part of this routine. You can consult experts in the field who will consult you about various stress busters for relieving your mental condition.

Ø It should be understood that diabetes should be reduced in order to have healthy hair; hence taking you medicine on time is equally crucial.

You need to overcome all the barriers and follow such daily routine in order to cut down diabetes and control hair loss.

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