Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eat Fruits for Healthy Hairs

Fruits are the rich source of the vitamins and minerals that are essential for the proper hair growth. So, if you eat fruits regularly then your hairs stay healthy and you are prevented from hair loss also. It has been noted through the number of research studies that people who eat fruits daily have better hair than those who avoid eating fruits daily.

For the proper hair growth, you require the good amount of Vitamin B and minerals like zinc and iron as they make your hair sturdy. You also require the adequate amount of the Vitamin C as it acts as the transport medium for the supply of the essential nutrients to the hair. All these vitamins are minerals can be best obtained from the fruits.

You need to eat fruits like oranges, pomegranate, straw berries, acerola, and guava to get the adequate amount of Vitamin C. To get adequate amount of Vitamin B you need to consume the fruits like figs, bananas, and avocado. To get healthy amount of the iron and zinc you must eat apple, bananas, mangoes, and pineapple. Thus, from these details we can conclude that eating fruits is must for the healthy hairs.

Intake of fruits is also very helpful in the treatment of the baldness. Due to the supply of the essential nutrients from the fruits you may notice the hair regrowth on the bald patches on the head. Include the fruits in your diet from today and get a healthy hair.

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