Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hair Dryer Usage Results into Alopecia Areata

Hair dryer that we use to dry our hairs may cause Alopecia areata i.e. pattern baldness. The blow of the air that we use to dry the hairs is noted to weaken the hairs. Generally we use the hot air blow to dry the hairs. The hot air blown through the dryer dries the hairs, but also removes the moisture completely from the hairs. As a result the nutrients present are also dried and hairs are not able to utilize them. This results in thinning of hair that they break easily.

Consistent blow of the air at one location in the head damages the hair roots. It loosens the grip of the hairs over the head and when you comb the hair, they just come out with the bristles of the comb.

If you are noticing the hair loss very frequently by breaking of the hairs then you need to change the way you are using the hair dryer. For this you need to use the hair dryer by keeping the temperature of the air blow at minimum. Also cleaning the hairs first with the soft towel is recommended and then only you can use the air dryer.

It is always recommended to not to use the air dryer regularly or daily as it is not good for the health of the hair. Occasional usage is fine, but that too at very slow air blow with the low temperature. This will help to dry hairs without any harm to their health.

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