Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tips for Coping with Hair Loss

Hair loss issue is being a problem of concern nowadays. It has been analyzed by many of the hair experts that, increase in the baldness cases is being noted in the last decade. Previously only old men or women used to face the problem of the hair loss, but nowadays even the young individuals are noted be facing the hair loss problem. As per the trichologist (hair experts), the main reason behind the hair loss problem is the unhealthy lifestyle that we are following. Basically the hormonal imbalance is the reason behind the occurrence of the hair loss in majority of the cases. The person faces the hair loss issue when the hormone dihydrotestosterone is being increased and level of the testosterone is being decreased.

Nearly about 30% of the men and 20% of the women all over the world are facing the problem of the hair loss. Hair loss is the issue that every one of us faces during certain phase in the life. So, we all need to learn the ways to cope up with the hair loss problem. The first thing I will suggest in order to cope up with the hair loss issue is stop washing the hairs too often. Many of the people have the habit of washing the hair daily, this is what makes the hair to get lose from their basement, and then when you comb the hair they come out very easily. Thus, the hair loss problem arises. Wash the hairs twice or at the most thrice in the week and do use the soft hair brush to comb the hairs. This will help you cope with the hair loss issue.

Baldness was an incurable condition before a decade, but today due to the advances in the medical science there are various treatments available to overcome the hair loss. One of the easiest and effective ways to treat the hair loss was the usage of the generic Propecia pills. They are the Finasteride containing medications that helps the bald men to overcome the hair loss issue and get the thick and dense hairs back on the bald patches on the head. The hair transplant surgery is one of the most result-oriented modes to treat the hair loss. It is the quickest method to overcome hair loss, but is very expensive.

Now let move toward the natural modes of coping with the hair loss. Healthy diet is the effective way to maintain the good hair health. You can prevent the hair loss by opting for the balanced diet option. The intake of proteins in the diet should be up to mark in order to maintain the hair health at their optimum level. Stress is one of the reasons that contribute to the hair loss, so please try to avoid the stress and tensions or opt out for the methods that will help you to combat stress. Good amount of sleep in one of the best stress busters that can help you a lot to cope up with the hair loss problem.

It is also recommended to drink a lot of water in order to prevent the hair loss. As water acts as the medium to transfer the essential nutrients to the hairs. To cope up with the hair loss oiling of must be in limit. It is not good for the health of the hairs to oil them daily. This is because oil blocks the pores and destructs the normal functioning of the hairs. We recommend oiling the hairs for about twice in a week and not more than it. This will help to keep your hairs health at the optimum level and prevent them from falling unconditionally.

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