Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Apple a Day Keeps Hair Loss Away

Original Saying is “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but as per the latest studies it has been proved that “An apple a day keeps the hair loss away.” Apple is a very nutritious fruits with a tremendous health benefits.

The research study concluded that eating an apple everyday reduces the chances of person to suffer with the baldness. In fact the study proved that people who eat apples daily never face the hair loss problem.

The element Procyanidin B-2 present in the Apple improves the hair growth in the person. Its intake has also showed the improvement in the hair growth in the bald men. Even eating the apple everyday provides your body the necessary amount of the Procyanidin B-2 that enables the hair to grow faster than normal.

Apple is the rich source of the potassium, zinc, proteins, dietary fibers, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 (thiamine), phosphorous, copper, and iron. These elements play a significant role in the hair growth. The concentration of these minerals and vitamins gets abundant in the body due to the intake of the Apple. Thus, it prevents the occurrence of the hair loss.

By eating an Apple daily your hair growth would be dense and thick and its intake is a permanent solution to the hair loss issue. It is the natural remedy for the hair loss. So, if you are facing the hair loss problem then start eating an Apple a day to stay away from baldness.

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