Monday, March 15, 2010

Hair Care Tips for Hot and Moist Weather

Special attention should be given toward the hair care during the summer season as it is during this season that maximum hair loss is noted. The hot weather evaporates all the moisture present in the hairs, this makes the hair dry and you get to suffer with the problem of the hair thinning. This may further lead to the breaking of the hairs and the baldness.

It is necessary for the person to take a special care of the hairs during the hot and moist weather. Here are few tips that may help you to take necessary hair care during the summer days:

1. During summer season it is necessary to wash the hairs at least thrice in a week. This helps the hairs to regain the lost moisture and also keeps them clean from the dust.

2. Use of the moisturizer is recommended as it helps the hairs to stay moisturized and prevent them from getting exposed to hot and humid climate thus, it protects hairs from getting dry and wilt.

Cover your hairs with the scarf or cap while you go out in the sun. It prevents from the harmful sun rays.

Oiling of the hairs is good during the summer season as it gives a shinny appearance to the hairs, which helps in the reflection of the harmful sun rays. But, please don’t oil the hairs regularly you can oil the hairs on the alternate days.

Special care should be taken in case of the long hairs. Please tie the long hairs and also wash them regularly with some natural shampoo at least 4 times in a week this will help them to stay clean and retain the necessary moisture. Also oil them with almond or olive oil on alternate days as this will provide them with the necessary nutrition.

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